We give rise to softer, stronger yoga teachers

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

Want to know how to become the best teacher you can be?

How to teach classes that land and come from your personal truth?

Being a good teacher goes beyond knowing technique.

It’s about doing the inner work and knowing yourself.

We give rise to softer, stronger teachers.

Who know their work, know themselves and serve with purpose.


Mentoring Circle for Yoga Teachers :: ACCEPTANCE &/or INTENTION

October 27th (2019) & February 9th (2020).


Paramount Recreation Club

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Join us for our next round of mentoring circles - accessible, transformational and personal. They can be taken as stand alone modules in any order or a package of three - either way you'll thrive.

This is for newer teachers seeking guidance, and experienced teachers looking to reignite the spark of this craft. You’ll gain:

* Confidence - find your voice & teach classes that land.

* Teach from your truth - this is how we bring the unique magic to our teaching.

* Insight to your strengths and how to best use them in this craft- it’s time to shine and serve.

* Community : a gathering of teachers of all levels, from all styles, offering non-competitive support.

THE MODULES (can be taken as stand alones or a package):

Please note (For teachers who have previously attended one of these modules) : new material added and so much to gain from repeating this work.

Sunday, October 27th, 12:30-3:30pm :: Acceptance

Our feelings of 'not being good enough' are universal and limiting. This is about reframing our thoughts to create new beliefs of acceptance & confidence. The exploratory work is linked to the practical so that we use this work create, serve and teach at our best.

Sunday, February 9th (2020), 12:30-3:30pm :: Intention

How do we “become our best’? How can we reach our highest potential? This is a jam-packed module combining incredibly useful contemplative work with practical teaching tools to take your craft to new heights.


Sessions include:

  • Movement - iyengar/katonah inspired asana

  • Contemplation & journaling

  • Hands-on assists and adjustments - learn how to do them safely and effectively. We’ll cover a range relevant to each module with time to practice.

  • Meditation

  • Pranayama

  • Heartfelt, open discussion

  • Group work & personal guidance.

Teachers of all levels are welcome. Book soon, EARLY BIRD ends Sept 24th!

Teachers, let’s connect.

Love, Leanne.


Join a community of like-minded seekers who are ready to take off their armour.



“Leanne holds space for us to explore parts of ourselves as humans, and yoga teachers. To live and teach from our deepest centre, so that we can inspire others to do so.Through asana, meditation, contemplation and journaling my cup is feeling full.
It was my first mentoring circle and it was exactly what I needed. It has given me the boost I was seeking. You can feel on your own in this industry and this mentoring provides a beautiful reminder of our connected and thriving community; that you are not alone. Give it a go and see for yourself... there’s a mat awaiting you.”

- Abi

“Leanne is a beautiful soul. Her mentoring circles help you journey to a space where you can show up and teach as your most authentic self. Couldn't recommend her offerings enough.”

- Ash

“Leanne's kindness and humour created an encouraging and light atmosphere which made me as a newcomer feel welcome.

Leanne seamlessly integrates her experience and philosophy with journaling, breath work and modern yoga sequences. The result is a raw and at times confronting experience, so expect to see a few cathartic tears within the group.

I left feeling my next steps as a yoga teacher had become clear to me, which is invaluable. Thank you. I highly recommend!”

– Shane

“This was my second mentoring circle and I am looking forward to the next one. I really enjoyed everyone's energy and Leanne's beautiful vibe. She is so herself, real and honest (and funny), and helps us feel at ease. Learning from her experiences, stories and sharing in a safe place is so precious. Reflecting through journal writing is interesting, as I got to learn a lot about myself . The asanas we did was so nice as we got to move a bit and also learn to assist. amazing!”

– Jennilee

“The Mentoring Circle for Yoga Teachers on Acceptance was incredible! Leanne's presence and her personal stories created such a warm, safe atmosphere. I felt that the asana practice with pranayama and journaling was exactly what I needed. And it was so great to meet other yoga teachers as so often we can feel alone out there. Thank you so much Leanne, I am looking forward to the next workshop!”

– Liza

"Leanne has created this beautiful, trusting and creative space whether yoga teachers from every walk of life can come together to learn and support each other on this journey of service. Leanne facilitates this space with so much compassion, wisdom, insight and passion for what she does. Her commitment to supporting yoga teachers on their journey is a real inspiration. I feel deeply grateful to have met Leanne."

- Cara

“I attended Leanne’s first mentoring circle on the weekend and loved every minute of it! A beautiful and balanced practice focused on stability (both physically and mentally) with self-inquiry weaved throughout.

Great opportunity to network and build a community with an inspiring bunch of teachers.

Looking forward to the next one....and the next one.”

– Liza M

“I really enjoyed the first session of the Teachers' Mentoring Circle! The combination of the physical asana practice and the journaling in between is something I've always wanted to incorporate into my own home practice. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next sessions hold, as well as getting to know all the lovely yogis!”

– Melanie